AFAS Business Consultant

As an AFAS Business Consultant you are responsible for the implementation and optimization of AFAS HRM/Payroll and/or Financial/ERP. You advise customers on the use and possibilities of AFAS. An important aspect of the job concerns both the technical mastering of the software and the knowing and understanding of the business of our clients. Having an affinity with change processes and optimizing work processes is therefore an important condition, but so is translating information needs into the correct design of the software.

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Job Duties

Together with the client you map out business processes and informational needs. You can translate the client’s wishes and needs into design proposals. For that reason, you are aware of all the latest functionalities within AFAS.

You then set up the AFAS functionalities, as discussed with the client.


You are primarily responsible for the establishment of AFAS Profit, Insite and Outsite for the client. Hereby you are fulfilling the wishes and needs of the client. You make sure that you stay up to date on all the latest developments of AFAS. By doing so you can advise your clients in the area of newest functionalities.

Furthermore, every employee is responsible for reporting any information security incidents to the Security Officer.

Authority Level

The Business Consultant is responsible for advising clients about the usage and possibilities of AFAS. He/she thinks along with clients on how business processes can be optimized with AFAS software. You work in the client’s AFAS Profit environment and depending on their policy your rights in that environment are determined.
Within our own AFAS environment you have rights to the projects that you are a part of and to your own data.


  • Accurate;
  • Honorable;
  • Flexible.

Knowledge Level

  • AFAS knowledge;
  • Office 365 knowledge;
  • Excel and/or BI knowledge.


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External acquisition is not appreciated for this vacancy.