“Do you have a BSN? What is your BSN? Have you already gotten a BSN?”

These are the most commonly asked questions when you just moved to the Netherlands.

So, what is a BSN?

BSN stands for ‘Burgerservicenummer’ or Citizen Service Number. It is your own unique number that will be linked to you once you are registered in the BRP ‘Basisregistratie Personen’ or Personal Records Database.

Not only do you need this important number when starting a new job in the Netherlands, it is a requirement if you wish to set up a bank account and health insurance. The payroll company/TOSS will also need your BSN. You can also use your BSN for any government service such as deducting your taxes and social security contributions, applying for benefits, changing your home address, etc.

We are happy to assist you on this so you can focus on getting settled and starting your new job here. We want to make your transition go as smoothly as possible.

Would you like to know more?

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How can I get my BSN?

When you are settling in the Netherlands you will be registered with the IND and the Tax Authorities. The IND will issue your residence and possible work permit. The Tax Authorities will include you in their administration the moment you are registered in the BRP. The BSN is your personal number.

You need to register yourself for the BSN within 5 days of your arrival.

There are 2 options. You could collect your BSN together with your residence permit at the Expat Centre or you will register yourself at the Community Hall (Gemeentehuis) in the area/place you are settling down (area where you will live).


BSN at your Community Hall

To get your BSN at the Community Hall near your place of residence is free of charge. You need to make an appointment and bring the appointment code with you. In the confirmation you receive you will be instructed as to what you need to bring besides your identification card/residence card/passport etc. If you are renting a place you will need to bring the rental agreement with your name and address on it. If you have purchased a home/residence you will need to bring the proof of ownership.

Collect your BSN together with residence card

There are a few Expat Centres in the Netherlands. In these Expat Centres you can collect your residence card together with your BSN. The form that needs to be completed for the application with the IND will probably be given to you at this time. Normally your residence card is ready to be picked up at the IND Centre nearby the possible place of your work/ or place of residence. But you can mention that you would like to collect this at one of the below mentioned Expat Centres:

Amsterdam  – Rotterdam – The Hague – Leiden – Nijmegen – Eindhoven – Twente – Tilburg – Maastricht

For this service you need to pay a small fee. The moment you hear that you are able to collect your residence card, you can mention in the appointment that you would also like to collect your BSN together with the residence card.

IBAN, Health Insurance and your payroll

The BSN is used as your personal number for all government linked authorities. It is also needed for your payroll and the Health Insurance.

After you have your BSN number you can begin to arrange your Health Insurance.

You need to inform your employer or the payroll administration when you have your BSN number.

How can TOSS assist you?

We at TOSS have assisted many fellow expats in collecting their BSN numbers. Whether it’s processed at the Expat Centre or the Town Hall it makes no difference to us. Sometimes we can already agree ahead of time with you or your employer about our services in setting things in motion and processing your BSN more quickly, which can save you a great deal of time. We will assist you step by step.

For example: we pick you up at your place (hotel, apartment, etc….) and we bring you to the appointment which is organized and set up by us. We collect the BSN. At this time we can also assist you in collecting your BSN with the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) or we bring you back to your place.

It is helpful to have someone standing with you and supporting your best interest. Someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and fluent in Dutch as well as English. This has proven very helpful in the past, in the event that something pops up unexpectedly, for example: additional questions from authorities that are maybe hard for an expat to know how to answer properly.

Next Steps

BSN and IBAN are two of the most important things to have in the Netherlands. Easy to obtain with TOSS. Steps to take:

  1. Contact TOSS;
  2. We will apply for your Visa and can also include our BSN service at the same time. We can discuss with you what needs to be mentioned in the Visa application;
  3. After you arrive in the Netherlands, we will go with you to the Expat Centre or Town Hall and collect your BSN number.

What clients say

Carlos Furnari – Australia – Creative director
To state that Pim is an expert in Payroll Umbrella Services would be selling him short — really short. He is way more than that. When I was looking to move back to the Netherlands for a second time (from Australia) Pim and his services were recommended to me. My situation was somewhat unusual, but Pim reassured me that we could make it work.”


About TOSS

As The One Stop Shop, TOSS offers a wide range of services for expats and/or their employers in the field of living and working in the Netherlands with the aim of making every related process as smooth and effective as possible.

We have over 20 years of experience and we have carefully built up an extensive global network of specialists to serve you. All our team members are specialized and educated with all needed payroll certificates and our services meet the (inter)national standards.


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