1 April 2021
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Carlos Furnari’s experience

As a Creative Director, Carlos was responsible for the overall creative direction of a client account at an advertising agency. He provided creative consultancy and campaign development for International brands and advertising agencies across a wide range of categories.

His experience with TOSS

“To state that Pim is an expert in Payroll Umbrella Services would be selling him short — really short. He is way more than that. When I was looking to move back to the Netherlands for a second time (from Australia) Pim and his services were recommended to me.

My situation was somewhat unusual, but Pim reassured me that we could make it work. He held my hand (not literally) through every step of the process; both in the months leading up to moving to the Netherlands, and once I landed and needed to finalise all the relevant procedures required by the IND.

I constantly asked way too many anxious-questions, and he constantly reassured me everything would be fine; and when you have so many moving parts in your life during such a move, that calming reassurance is perhaps the most valuable part of what he offers.

To anybody thinking about moving to/working in the Netherlands, but isn’t sure of how to make it work for them, I would say reach out to Pim anyway. Talk through your situation with Pim, ask dumb questions, and watch his mind ticking over, taking all the info in, and finding solutions that might work for you. Then, if you decide to go for it, do yourself (and Pim) a favour by collecting as much of your necessary past paperwork as you can… before it’s needed! Old university degrees, identity documents, resume, job title descriptions, etc, etc. Doing this early will save you a lot of unnecessary frustration later on.

Although I have since left the Netherlands again, if for whatever reason I decided to move/work back there again (you never know), Pim would be the first person I’d call — and then go for a beer with once there!”



Would you like to move to the Netherlands?

TOSS has years of experience in assisting expats and highly skilled migrants, as well as international business with transitioning and working in the Netherlands.

We have gathered knowledge in various business areas that you as an expat can take full advantage of. It gives you the opportunity to focus on your new job in the Netherlands and leave the rest to TOSS.

  TOSS is always ready to assist. We listen and take the time;
  We have over 20 years of experience;
  We are NEN certified and registered with the IND;
  TOSS aims for the maximum achievable for you as our customer.

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