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International Payrolling

There are several solutions available for managing your international payroll.

Expat Services

Our range of services that are specifically designed to assist expats in the Netherlands.

Doing business in and with Belgium

Orientation Year

Is your company established in the Netherlands and you want to hire someone from Belgium? TOSS offers the Belgian solution.

Even though the Netherlands and Belgium are next to each other on the map, their methods of processing payroll are far apart. TOSS offers salary administration and payroll services. We can also offer these services if Belgium is involved.

The advantages:

  • You save time and money;
  • You are sure that the right laws and regulations will be applied;
  • You don’t have to waste time on expertise in Belgium;
  • One login for your entire administration in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Hire someone from Belgium?

Do you need a certain person for a project or for long-term, and do they live and work in Belgium? Of course, it is great that you have found someone, now for the correct tax and administrative processing. You may not have a branch in Belgium, but that must be arranged. In Belgium people speak of a headquarter and for you, it is located in the Netherlands.

A Payroll Secretariat must be put in place. Now you can dive into this subject on your own, but TOSS has already done that. We are your solution.

Together with our Belgian partner, we arrange the administration, and you can see the data of the Belgian payroll by means of a single login. If you also outsource your Dutch payroll to TOSS, you will see your entire payroll for the whole workforce via a single login.


Belgian company

Is the division in Belgium your only company or is it a separate department? In both cases, TOSS takes care of the salary administration for you. Setting it up or just the monthly remuneration is done by a large team of very well-trained specialists. In the Netherlands we demand a lot from the salary administration, and with our partner in Belgium this is no different. To us it is a requirement to work together.


Belgian (tax) benefits

Do you only have one person (who lives and works in Belgium) employed for your Dutch company? Then this can bring interesting tax advantages. In the Netherlands people look at the total sum of the wages, and there are tax solutions in Belgium for Dutch companies that hire, employ or recruit a Belgian person.


TOSS coordinates

That one Belgian freelancer, the processing of the Dutch company in Belgium or the Belgian company, TOSS takes care of it. You don’t have to waste time on expertise in Belgium, we take care of everything for you.

Expand your business
to Belgium? 

We get your employees started without the complex tax restrictions, and administrative obligations associated with it.

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