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If you want to come live and work in the Netherlands, many things must be arranged. Most likely, a work and/or residence permit is required. These must be applied for by your employer. TOSS can take care of all the administrative and legal matters that come with it.

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Your employment

It is possible that your employer is not located in the Netherlands, or that your employer would like to place you under their name with another employer in the Netherlands, or that your employer is not a recognized sponsor with the IND. In all these cases, TOSS can offer you and your employer a solution.

Because we are a recognized sponsor with the IND and are certified with all other mandatory labor registrations, we can become your legal employer and arrange the applications.

You get an employment contract with the recognized IND employer and they will pay your salary. The payroll service includes such things as the  TOSS in Holland Pension Plan  and health insurance. A big advantage here is that you and your hirer can concentrate on the project/task you have to do while we arrange the rest for you.

On our page of payroll services you will find an overview of the steps to be taken in this process.

Residence permit in the Netherlands

Your residence permit must also be applied for by your employer. When the residence permit has been granted, you will receive a residence card. You need to keep this card with you when you are in the Netherlands. It is your identification card and proves that you are legally present in the Netherlands.

Work permit

If you are a highly skilled migrant with specific skills that are highly sought after in the Netherlands you might be eligible for a knowledgeable migrant visa. This is subject to requirements with regard to your income, skills and sponsorship. As your recognized sponsor in the Netherlands, TOSS can apply for you with the IND.

The application method

We made a roadmap that shows the steps that we must take to apply for you in the right way. The process to get approval will take 6-7 weeks according to the IND.

Once you and your employer have agreed to work with us, we will send you a list of documents that you and your employer need to provide us with. We will then immediately get started with the application for you.

In the weeks of awaiting approval, we can arrange all other things for you to get settled, such as housing and various registrations and applications.

Download our roadmap

To see the steps we must take to apply for you

    What about my spouse/family?

    If you want to come to the Netherlands with your spouse/family then you will become their sponsor. When we apply for your residence permit (MVV),  it can be submitted at the same time as the application from your spouse/family. This saves you a lot of time and gives you the chance to travel together to the Netherlands.

    What clients say

    Carlos Furnari – Australia – Creative director
    To state that Pim is an expert in Payroll Umbrella Services would be selling him short — really short. He is way more than that. When I was looking to move back to the Netherlands for a second time (from Australia) Pim and his services were recommended to me. My situation was somewhat unusual, but Pim reassured me that we could make it work.”


    TOSS and your application

    Our team has already successfully handled over 300 highly skilled migrant applications. We also collaborate with specialized partners on this, so the moment that something is not clear to the IND or a document is incorrect, we can act very quickly to avoid any delay.

    Do you have any questions or would you like more information about our immigration services? Don’t hesitate to contact TOSS!


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