Information Security Officer

As an Information Security Officer, you are continuously working on Information Security for our organization. You are the first point of contact for the management and for our colleagues on this subject.

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Job Description

  • You tackle the standards of information security within our organization along with the management. You give solicited and unsolicited advice on this subject.
  • You draw up and manage the Information Security Policy. The measures that are drawn up in the Information Security Policy are translated into processes and work instructions and you ensure that these measures are complied with. When new security measures need to be taken, you lead these projects and make sure that the right people are involved.
  • You also guarantee the security aspects when closing on new contracts and manage them in existing contracts.
  • You set up awareness programs in the field of Information Security for our employees. In doing so, you ensure that colleagues are also informed about how to handle the information (systems) correctly. This can be done by means of training sessions or through internal communication.
  • Employees can also contact you for reporting any security incidents.
  • You assess the access rights of users in our systems and resources.


You are responsible for the Information Security Policy within our organization. You draw up an annual security plan and translate it into processes and instructions. You also ensure the continuity of processes; you carry out risk analyses and advise the management on Information Security.

You are responsible within our organization to keep up to date on the knowledge of the current laws and regulations regarding information security and follow relevant developments regarding this topic. You convey important information to colleagues, so that they too are aware of developments.

You are responsible for the periodic check on company resources. You check that the resources still meet the requirements we set and that the access rights are still correct. In case of violations, you address the owners.

Authority Level

As a Security Officer you are responsible for the (continuous) ‘process’ of information security and you are empowered to adapt policy documents on information security in consultation with the management.
You are authorized to conduct internal audits on information security and to engage with employees who are not following the measures and procedures.


  • Honorable
  • Flexible
  • Structured

Knowledge Level

  • Knowledge of automated data processing
  • Knowledge of the current state and possibilities of ICT
  • Standard knowledge of NEN-ISO 27001/2
  • Experience with information security projects


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