Operations Manager

As Operations Manager for our client you are responsible for the daily activities from the Help Desk in the field of IT and personal administrative tasks for the customers of the client.

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Job Description

  • In this position you manage the Business Consultants who carry out the production with clients. They are involved in implementing, optimizing and maintaining client environments.
  • You are the first point of contact for the clients of our Business Consultants.
  • You are ultimately responsible for the execution of the assignments.
  • You put together quotes and contract agreements together with the management.
  • You take the right approach to the support, monitoring and overseeing the notifications that customers send in. You may intervene in the event of escalations and report them to the management.
  • In addition, you work with managers from your own and other departments in project teams to improve the day-to-day work and new strategies for the department.

Job Duties

  • As Operations Manager you advise clients.
  • With assignments, you create a plan of action with an optimal result in mind.
  • You send and guide the Business Consultant in carrying out their work and dealing with customers.
  • You manage the Support Center for the support requests that come in for consultancy and functional management on a daily basis. You ensure that the support requests are processed in a timely manner and in case of escalation you intervene in a timely manner.
  • You manage our main applications; AFAS and Office 365.
  • You manage the access and authorization of the users within these applications. In case of major updates, you carry out work in accordance to our Update policy.
  • Together with colleagues, you continuously work on improving the day-to-day workflow and new strategies for the department. You report to the board.


  • You are responsible for the management and security of our applications; AFAS and Office 365. You are responsible for ensuring that the right users have access and the right authorization and that updates are carried out in a timely and correct manner.
  • You are responsible for the Support Center for the Consultancy and Functional Management section.
  • You ensure that notifications are handled and executed in a timely and preventative manner.
  • You are ultimately responsible for the assignments of our clients in the field of Consultancy and Functional Management.

Authority Level

You are granted the highest access within our AFAS and Office 365 applications.

In addition, you are authorized to access the employee data of the Business Consultants you control.


  • Client-geared (internal as well as external clients)
  • Pragmatic
  • Results-oriented
  • Inspiring
  • Decisive
  • Go-getter (initiate job functions and self-start)


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External acquisition is not appreciated for this vacancy.