Payroll Consultant

As a Payroll Consultant, you take care of the payroll of our clients. On a secondment basis you carry out the work at the customer’s office and otherwise you work from our office. In general, you are responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the client’s payroll processing. Without you, our clients’ employees will not be paid.

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Job Description

As an experienced payroll administrator, you know how to keep an overview and are familiar with the potential issues and peak times of payroll. You take care of the wage tax declarations, pension fund declarations and all registration and deregistration with various agencies. The role as an advisor is becoming increasingly important as a payroll administrator. Giving solicited and unsolicited advice is also a part of your role.

You are a question box for customers and for your colleagues. They can contact you for a wide range of questions, both in the field of wages and in the field of employment law. With new customers, you take care of a seamless transition to the environment. You ensure a timely and flawless execution of different types of payroll administrations.

Job Duties

You gather the information regarding changes from the clients you are responsible for. You process these changes in AFAS Profit, where you comply with the Laws and Regulations. When the changes are processed, you deliver the output to the client. You make any further adjustments from the client and you also answer questions when there are uncertainties about the output. When the client agrees to the output, you approve the payroll processing. You deliver the correct payslips and payment file to the client. You take care of the wage tax declaration, pension fund declaration and all registrations with various agencies. You also share these reports with the client.

You advise clients on payroll, salary administration and complex wage issues. You are constantly aware of the tax and social legislation. In case of relevant changes, you ensure they are implemented, and you inform the client. You give guidance to new clients and execute any resulting work.


You are responsible for the payroll of your clients. You input changes in a timely and correct manner and do the processing of the payroll in AFAS Profit. You are also responsible for delivering the output and delivering other requested documents to your clients. You are responsible for delivering the salary details of our clients to the Tax Office and/or Pension Fund in a timely manner.

In some cases, you are also responsible for the timely payment of the employees, the Tax Office and/or Pension Fund. You are also responsible for the timely invoicing of the clients.

In addition to the work you do for your clients, you are also responsible for handling the client’s data in a confidential manner.

Furthermore, every employee is responsible for reporting information security incidents to the Security Officer.

Authority Level

The Payroll Consultant is authorized to carry out the payroll administration for the client for which he/she is responsible. This includes access to both the client’s data and the data of the client’s employees.

The employee also has access to the client’s project administration for which he/she is responsible, for invoicing the work that has been carried out.


  • Honorable
  • Flexible
  • Accurate

Knowledge Level

  • PDL and/or VPS
  • AFAS HRM/Payroll
  • Office 365


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