Payroll Services for Employers

As a company you have things that you specialize in that you are needing or wanting to hire specialists for. But maybe the salary and administrative field is not your specialty…

TOSS is here to help you! With our Expat Services, we take over all these administrative and legal tasks, but you remain ultimately responsible for the daily management and supervision of the employees so that you can direct them to your final goal.

When do you need TOSS on your side?

TOSS is your administrative solution. This means that you take care of the job interview yourself and you agree with the candidate about the terms and conditions regarding employment. Once you have agreed on the salary and duration of the contract with the candidate, you will inform TOSS about this. We will contact the candidate and give him access to our portal to complete all necessary steps.

Would you like to know more about our payroll services?

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Agreements for our payroll

Before we can draw up the employment contract, as hirer of the candidate, you and TOSS need to agree on various conditions. Agreements must be made on payment conditions, employment conditions, duration and other benefits/conditions. We have specified the terms and conditions, a partnership agreement and the placement agreement per candidate. With these agreements we have covered the cooperation/agreements between you and us. An employment contract is also finalized between TOSS and the candidate.

Who is the legal employer?

As a payroll company, TOSS is the formal employer. TOSS pays the salary and takes care of financial and administrative tasks such as when an employee reports or calls in sick.

30% facility

If the 30% ruling applies to your salary, TOSS will submit an application for you to the Tax Authorities. Once the Tax Authorities have approved, TOSS will process this application in your payroll, which will have a beneficial effect on your net income.

If the employee you want to hire is a highly skilled migrant

In case you have employed a highly skilled migrant from outside the EU, there are some additional requirements for employment with TOSS.

You as an employer have a number of salary scales within your organization, but since the employee is not an EU citizen, the IND (Immigration Office) has set a minimum wage. The length of the employment contract is also important to discuss with us before you reach an agreement with the candidate.

As the recognized sponsor, TOSS has access to accelerated procedures to apply for the work and residence permit for the candidate.

Additional requirements

After you have agreed with the candidate about the conditions of the employment contract in the Netherlands, a number of conditions apply to start that employment. Required are:

  • Valid passport and/or European identity card;
  • Citizen service number (in Dutch: Burger Service Nummer or BSN).
  • Valid work permit in combination with a residence permit or VISA (if you are not from the EU/EEA or Switzerland).

The One Stop Shop in Holland

Thereafter, as The One Stop Shop in Holland, TOSS can assist your candidate with our immigration services to apply for all necessary registrations and applications, such as:

  • Work and/or resident permits;
  • Dutch bank account number (IBAN);
  • Health insurance;
  • Housing.

About TOSS

As The One Stop Shop, TOSS offers a wide range of services for expats and/or their employers in the field of living and working in the Netherlands with the aim of making every related process as smooth and effective as possible.

We have over 20 years of experience and we have carefully built up an extensive global network of specialists to serve you. All our team members are specialized and educated with all needed payroll certificates and our services meet the (inter)national standards.


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