Sick Leave

Did an employee get sick? That is unpleasant for both of you. You must postpone possible work or find a new (temporary) replacement. Meanwhile there is a still an ongoing contract with the sick employee.

The (sick) employee has a right to guidance during his/her recovery, besides the right to continued pay of his/her salary.

Do you choose to run your payroll through TOSS? Then we are responsible as the legal employer when an employee gets sick.

The advantages:

  You do not incur any salary costs during sickness;
  You are assured of the right steps to reintegrating the employee(s) upon recovery;
 TOSS has its own leave of absence department with multiple case managers.

Would you like to know more?

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Sick pay under a contract without the temporary employment clause

If the employee has a contract without the temporary employment clause, then sick pay must be awarded until the end of the contract. In the first year this is 90% and in the second year it is 80%. Both based and calculated on the current salary.

Example: the employee has a month to month contract. In that case they only have to be paid out through the end of the month. In this case it will be 90%.

Risk insurance

Only the cases of sick people with a contract without the temporary employment clause can be insured for this sick pay. The insurance agency collects a premium for this.

Did you request a payroll quote from us? Then you will find this possible sickness premium listed in the quote with the other fees.

There is a period of 10 days that is at your own risk. That means that in the case of sickness, the first 10 days will still be charged to you. Furthermore, there is an advantage that the first day is a waiting day. The waiting day is a non-paid day for the employee.

100% risk with you as hirer

Should you consider the insurance premium for the sickness risk to be too high and be unwilling to pay it, there is another option. In that case the sickness risk would be on you for 100%. It is a gamble that could work out nicely or could end up costing a lot of money. Please ask us for more information and our experience in this.

Legal obligations

The Gatekeeper Improvement Act requires the employer to give correct guidance to the ‘sick’ employee(s). If you do not follow the legally required steps, then the UWV can issue rather large fines.

A labor inspector is a requirement and guides the employees back to the workplace as quickly as possible. Besides that, they help to prevent as much leave of absence as possible.

Our labor inspection service insures us that a wage sanction from the UWV doesn’t have to be paid. In that case the advice given by the company doctor and case manager must have been followed.

Case manager via TOSS

With the labor inspection service TOSS is assured of the right steps to take resulting in reintegration. For the guidance of sick employees, we need a case manager. At TOSS we have our own Leave of Absence department with multiple case managers.

About TOSS

As The One Stop Shop, TOSS offers a wide range of services for expats and/or their employers in the field of living and working in the Netherlands with the aim of making every related process as smooth and effective as possible.

We have over 20 years of experience and we have carefully built up an extensive global network of specialists to serve you. All our team members are specialized and educated with all needed payroll certificates and our services meet the (inter)national standards.


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