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Are you looking to hire someone with specific skills and cannot find the person? Well, that is our key moment to assist you. We as TOSS know how to assist you in finding the right person for your organization.

We have been working the past 20 years with specialty international companies, expats, and international recruiters. In doing so, we have gained a large network in which we can search on your behalf until we find that specific person.

The companies and persons we work with are among the most highly educated persons. The IND calls them the Knowledge Migrant or Highly Skilled Migrant.

The Knowledge Migrant sometimes can be found in the Netherlands and ready to start working but sometimes we have found the match overseas and we need to bring them to the Netherlands. TOSS can assist you with this.

Help me find the right match

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TOSS network

We at TOSS are experienced in this process in finding the right person for you as an employer.  We see this as a processing formula in which accessibility, ease, and the personal touch are maybe the most important aspects of this process.

We have a very large international network in different fields of businesses, schools, and countries. The moment you share a vacancy with us we will share this anonymously in our network via email and WhatsApp. Once one of our connections is interested we introduce you to one another and step out of the communication line.


With our service, we do not stop once we have found a match. We will assist the candidate in setting up a correct resume.

We know that a good resume is an important introduction for you as a hirer.

We advise our candidates in this with our TOSS Resume Service. Not only the resume itself but also the accompanying cover letter to introduce themselves in a unique way to you are part of our service.

If the 1st meeting will be in the Netherlands face to face, or by phone, skype or in another way, we will assist them in preparing the first impression if needed.

Other services

Since we also offer a Payroll Service and have the IND sponsorship we can also arrange all employment and immigration obligations with our immigration services.

No match, no charge.
In the end, we know TOSS will find something right for you!


About TOSS

As The One Stop Shop, TOSS offers a wide range of services for expats and/or their employers in the field of living and working in the Netherlands with the aim of making every related process as smooth and effective as possible.

We have over 20 years of experience and we have carefully built up an extensive global network of specialists to serve you. All our team members are specialized and educated with all needed payroll certificates and our services meet the (inter)national standards.


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