Bikes in the Netherlands

If you’re settling in the Netherlands, you have probably noticed that bicycles are the most common mode of transport. Especially when you live in a city, it’s the fastest way to move around. Besides, using a bicycle for your daily needs is a fun experience and it’s free!

TOSS has some advice on where to get your own bicycle.

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Facts about cycling in the Netherlands

  1. There are more than 25 million bicycles in the Netherlands;
  2. A new bicycle costs about EUR 250 to EUR 500 and a used one about EUR 50 to EUR 150;
  3. Cycling is distributed across all income groups;
  4. The flat terrain in the Netherlands is ideal for the average cyclist;
  5. Is doesn’t matter where you are in the Netherlands, the quality of bicycle lanes is very high!

Where to get your own bike?

There are a few options to get your bicycle:

  1. Go to a local bike shop: Every city and town has one (or more). Bike shops sell a mix of new, second hand and refurbished bikes. The costs of a bike will depend on the type of bike you want. Of course, a simple bike without gears will cost you much less than an e-bike or racing bike.
  2. Rent a bike: another option is to rent a bike. This is possible for just one day, for example if you visit Amsterdam for a day you can go to shops like Mac bike or rent an OV fiets at one of the train stations.Renting a bike for a longer period from Swapfiets is becoming very popular. You can pick a bike and get a subscription for which you pay every month. If something is wrong with your bike – a flat tire, broken light – you can contact the company and they come and fix it for you for free.
  3. Take a look on Marktplaats: Marktplaats is the Dutch version of Ebay. You can find all kinds of stuff from furniture to clothes to cars on it. And bikes! Be aware that some bikes may have things that need fixing. Our advice is to check this when you go to pick it up.
  4. Ask around: it is possible that your acquaintances or colleagues have a spare bike laying around or maybe they know the best place to get one.
  5. Get a bicycle from your employer: your employer could choose to give you a bike. They would pay for it, and it would be considered taxable wages in the Netherlands. You would be taxed on the amount that it is valued at (monthly) out of your wages.

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