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TOSS in Holland

Expat Services

You are moving to the Netherlands to start a new adventure of living and working in a unfamiliar country. As an expat it can be very difficult to figure out what to do and where to start. A residence permit, a job and work permit and a place to stay are other necessary things that need to be taken care of. Once you arrive in the Netherlands you need to arrange several things to finalize your stay here. It is our goal to point you in the right direction. With our expat services we assist individuals, who are living and working in a foreign country, with an easy transition. Our services may include things like tax preparation, immigration support, cultural orientation and partner support, all things to ensure that settling in the Netherlands is not a burden.


A residence permit, work permit and a place to stay are some of the pre-requisites before you board the plane to the Netherlands.


Finding that job that allows a highly skilled individual to actually become an expat in the Netherlands.


Where to live doesn’t only affect your travel time to work, but also where you and your family will socialize.


When you are in the Netherlands you will definitely experience a difference in culture compared to your own.

What we can do for you

Immigration Services

We take care of all the administrative and legal matters that come with working and living in The Netherlands. we are a recognized sponsor with the IND and are certified with all other mandatory labor registrations.

Tax Services

With continuous changes in tax rules and regulations, outsourcing your tax preparation can make it easier for you without going through the complex and tedious process. Our experienced team of tax advisors are ready to help.


We have a very large international network in different fields of business and are experienced in this process of finding the right person(s) and matching these with the right employer(s)/hirer(s).

30% Ruling

The 30% ruling is for expat employees with a highly recommended skill set. If you use our Payroll Services, we will be your employer and we will apply for you so long as all requirements are met in your situation.

Additional Services

Our experts have been for more than a decade assisting expats and highly skilled migrants with transitioning and working in the Netherlands. We will guide you pre-arrival or after arrival with everything needed to make your relocation seamless.


We value the feedback and response from our clients. It’s because of them we do what we do. Listen to what people just like you have to say about our services.


More than just a Payroll Company

To state that Pim is an expert in Payroll Umbrella Services would be selling him short — really short. He is way more than that. When I was looking to move back to the Netherlands for a second time (from Australia) Pim and his services were recommended to me. My situation was somewhat unusual, but Pim reassured me that we could make it work.”

Carlos Furnari

Australia – Creative director


''As a young expat in the Netherlands, my experience with TOSS has been amazing! They gave me support in every step: from the bureaucracy, to the BSN appointment, and even the accomodation search. My reference even went at multiple appartment viewings on my behalf! Moreover, the process to get the 30% ruling is made smooth and effortless by TOSS. Last but not least, through their network, you can find useful webinars tailored for expats, and get references of all sorts of professionals (Mortgage advisors, Tax advisors...)''

Massimo Terzi

Great & Fast Service

I recently moved to the Netherlands and my employer secured the services of TOSS to manage the transition. We worked with Pim at TOSS closely during the settlement period. From applying for BSN to managing the housing search to putting in the application for 30%, Pim managed this process in a meticulously organized and efficient manner. The communication was always very clear and timely. He was really helpful, to an extent that he also helped us move (quite literally helping us transport suitcases) as well as facilitated our engagement with the real estate agents. The 30% ruling application was managed seamlessly with regular updates. I’d highly recommend TOSS‘ services if you are new to the Netherlands and need services and support to settle in. Thanks to Pim for making it super easy for us 🙂

Arqam Lodhi

Design & development

Fully recommended

TOSS made the difficulties and hard labors of immigrating to The Netherlands easy. They were on every step of the way giving needed documentations with legal and work related solutions as well. They also provided, with their housing network, a suitable place to live according to all my needs and expectations. Astonishing work overall, fully recommended.

Franco García Parigi

IT Support Engineer

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