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TOSS in Holland

IND Recognized sponsorship

Do you want to employ a non-EU highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands? Or are you a non-EU highly skilled migrant looking for ways to put your talents to work in the Netherlands? Most likely, a work and/or residence permit is required and these must be applied for by an employer. However in regard to the mandatory permits for living and working in the Netherlands, the employer must be an IND recognized sponsor.

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) have established an admission procedure and specific requirements. If the non-EU candidate is a highly skilled migrant with specific skills that are highly sought after in the Netherlands, he or she might be eligible for a highly skilled migrant visa or a so called residence permit. Ultimately this is subject to the requirements with regards to income, skills and sponsorship.

Hiring expats without the IND Sponsorship?

Let us apply for all the necessary registrations and applications to get your highly skilled migrant onboard hassle-free.

    What can we do for you?

    Not every employer automatically qualifies or is able to sponsor a knowledge migrant, since they are not registered as IND recognized sponsors. As an IND recognized sponsor in the Netherlands, we at TOSS can apply for the necessary work and residence permit for the highly skilled migrant to start working an living in the Netherlands.

    Benefits for you

    Since TOSS is an IND recognized sponsor and is certified with all other mandatory labour registrations, TOSS can become the legal employer and arrange all the necessary payroll and immigration applications. A big advantage here is that you and your candidate can concentrate on the project/task you have to do while we arrange the rest for you.

    Our team has already successfully handled over 300 highly skilled migrant applications. Since each applications has different requirements we know sometimes it is needed to use the knowledge of immigration specialist. The moment that something is not clear to the IND or a document is incorrect, we can act very quickly to avoid any delay.

    How does it work?

    TOSS has the IND Sponsorship, meaning that we can gainfully employ you in the Netherlands. For example, if you are a highly skilled migrant you will need a sponsor via the IND in order to live and work in the Netherlands. Not all employers are able to sponsor migrant workers as they are not registered or qualified with the IND. TOSS is, however, and we can apply for your valid and legal stay in the Netherlands, work permit, and get you on our payroll. TOSS has all the right certification to be a payroll company.

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    We at TOSS will act as your Payroll company, taking on the responsibility of fulfilling the terms and conditions of the employment agreement. We will come to an agreement with the company in need of the services for hiring a  highly skilled migrant

    There are situations in which the  employer may not be registered in the Netherlands or may not have sponsorship status via the IND yet, which would be one instance in which we could help. There are many other situations in which it would be beneficial to an employer or to you to use the services of a Payroll company such as TOSS.

    IND Sponsorship

    TOSS offers solutions for a variety of situations that employers and employees may find themselves in. With a team of highly educated and dedicated consultants we make sure all the legal steps regarding your employment are carried out in a fast, easy, and correct way. If your employer is not registered in the Netherlands, they cannot hire you directly, or they cannot offer you the needed IND sponsorship, then our services may be the solution for you. As an IND recognized sponsor in the Netherlands, TOSS can apply for your candidate with the IND.