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TOSS in Holland

How furniture rental works

Rental furniture is a perfect solution for your new home to be completely ready as soon as you arrive in the Netherlands. No relocation required, just take your personal belongings. So if you are looking for a way to furnish your newly found home, we are here to assist. Just that simple.

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    Furniture Rental Process

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    We deliver, assemble and style at the agreed location, date and time.

    Not just Furniture Rental and decoration. Choose from one of our furnishing styles

    and you have all the supplies you need for a complete home design! We supply household items, visual and sound electronics, kitchen appliances, bed and bath linen, office furniture, children’s and garden furniture upon your request. 

    Our furniture rental packages

    From basic to complete packages and from standard to exclusive styles, our interior design solutions and services will turn a house in to your home. We offer complete home furnishings for you to lease. What we do best is to unburden you and assist wherever and whenever, just everything to make your relocation to the Netherlands hassle-free. 

    The inhouse stylists have selected three various styles. You can add home items and appliances to your package that may be needed throughout the house from your living room to the kitchen and from your garden to the bedroom.

    Home Comfort

    Home Comfort

    Home Comfort is an interior style with a homey and comfortable appearance.

    Hotel Luxury

    Our Hotel Luxury interior style has an elegant and minimalist look.

    Mix & Match

    You can give our stylists free rein to put together a unique and stylish interior just for you.

    Complementary Services

    We can also provide additional products and services for you. Hereby, optimally coordinating all aspects of your total design. We’re talking window upholstery, carpeting and applying wall paint. Discover this fast, practical and affordable service. Whether it is a basic design or a complete home design, we will always offer you a customized solution, being the one-stop-shop that we are.


    Our expat furniture rental is a circular service. You can trust that all our rental furniture is basically new or in new condition. But, by reusing everything that can be reused, we minimize our carbon footprint. This circular concept also allows us to reuse furniture at an extra competitive price. So, if you are on a limited budget and if you don’t mind a small user mark, then ask for our budget package!


    Are you waiting for your own furniture to be shipped? Then furniture rental can be the perfect solution. We fully furnish your home while your own interior is on its way. As soon as it has arrived, we will pick up the contents. What a convenience!

    In urgent need of furniture?

    We always have complete home furnishings in stock. In case of emergency, we can deliver within 24 hours!

    Turn-key delivery

    We are an experienced and reliable partner in interior rental. We work quickly and efficiently and can provide your home with a suitable and stylish interior in no-time. Let us help you by taking everything off your hands, from styling to installation, and from decoration to clearance. We even make your bed, connect all equipment and start enjoying your new home right away!

    More information?

    Request a non-obligatory quote or contact us to receive more information. Find quick answers to your question in our FAQ. 

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