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    Do I qualify for a knowledge migrant status?

    You are eligible for a highly skilled migrant status if you meet certain conditions regarding your education and if you have specific skills that are in high demand in the Netherlands.

    What is BSN?

    The BSN (Burger Service Nummer) is a citizen service number. This is a unique registration number for everyone living the Netherlands. A BSN is required for opening a bank account, starting a job or to obtain health insurance.


    How to register a foreign company?

    TOSS can assist you with registering a foreign entity with the Tax Authorities without a permanent establishment.

    What does Loonheffingskorting mean?

    Loonheffingskorting is in fact a payroll tax reduction. It can be requested through your employer. You pay less wage tax and receive higher wages. Loonheffingskorting is applied to the position with the highest salary.

    When will I receive my payslip?

    The day after you receive your monthly salary, your payslip will be sent to you by email or published in the TOSS portal.

    When will I receive my salary?

    Generally, the 25th of the month is a customary payment date. This is also the case if you work with TOSS. If this is on a national holiday or on a weekend, you will be paid the day earlier.

    What does the 30% ruling entail?

    The 30% ruling is a Dutch tax facility that encourages foreign workers with specific skills or expertise to come work in the Netherlands. If eligible, the employer can grant you a tax-free allowance equal to 30% of your gross wages.

    Am I entitled to a minimum income?

    In The Netherlands minimum salaries apply for everyone, click on this link to find out the most current rates.

    As a knowledge migrant or if you are employed after an orientation year, minimum salaries will be determined by the IND.

    What does CAO stand for?

    CAO (Collectieve Arbeidsovereenkomst) means Collective Labor Agreement (CLA).


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