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TOSS in Holland

Furniture Rental

Rental furniture is a perfect solution for your new home to be completely ready as soon as you arrive in the Netherlands. You can ship your furniture or buy new furnishings, but renting furniture is a much easier way to furnish your new house. Rental furniture is available from a minimum of 1 month up to the length of your stay. We provide furniture leasing for almost all budgets and styles. You can easily put together a complete package of all the items you need, in the style of your choice. This way you have all the necessities you need to furnish your house. 

Our furniture rental packages

From basic to complete packages and from standard to exclusive styles, our interior design solutions and services will turn a house in to your home. We offer complete home furnishings for you to lease. What we do best is to unburden you and assist wherever and whenever, anything to make your relocation to the Netherlands hassle-free. 

The inhouse stylists have selected three various styles. You can add home items and appliances to your package that may be needed throughout the house from your living room to the kitchen and from your garden to the bedroom.

Home Comfort

Home Comfort

Home Comfort is an interior style with a homey and comfortable appearance.

Hotel Luxury

Our Hotel Luxury interior style has an elegant and minimalist look.

Mix & Match

You can give our stylists free rein to put together a unique and stylish interior just for you.

Why furniture rental?

Our furniture rental is a service where expats or businesses can rent furniture for a specified period of time, rather than purchasing it outright or shipping it. There are a number of reasons for renting furniture, such as a flexible and cost-effective solution for expats who are moving frequently, or for those who are unsure about their long-term furniture needs. Taking the task of furnishing your new home off your hands – it is what we do best. It will give you the opportunity to focus on your new job and leave the rest to us.


Quick estimate

Get a quick estimate

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    Every budget

    Quality furniture from basic to exclusive interiors, without large up-front cash.



    Rental periods starting from 1 month up to as long as desired.



    All-in delivery from decoration, kitchen utensils, household textiles to appliances.



    No relocation or storage required. Complete service and furniture insurance coverage.

    Furniture rental for expats and their employers



    Now that you found yourself a home in the Netherlands, you might be looking for a way to furnish it. Furniture lease is a fast, practical and affordable service. No relocation required, just take your personal belongings.



    For the successful onboarding of an expat, we can help you arrange their (temporary) home furnishings. We are committed to finding the perfect solution to the satisfaction of both parties.

    How much does
    furniture rental cost?

    The price depends on multiple factors such as the required items, rental period and number of occupants. The all-in price includes services like installation and mounting of the furniture, and even home contents insurance is included.

    We have guided many customers from all over the world through the whole process of renting furniture in the Netherlands. Rent likewise a stylish and ready-to-use interior of high quality at an affordable monthly all-in rate.


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    Very smoothly

    “The installation and delivery of the rented furniture went very smoothly. The delivery men were very professional and helpful! I would definitely recommend TOSS in Holland to others.”

    Ruzana Tunku

    How does furniture rental work?

    A stylish home in three simple steps.