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November 23, 2021
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Retirement age in the Netherlands

Do you know until which age you must work in the Netherlands? The Dutch government arranges a basic pension for everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands. This right is covered by the National Old Age Pensions Act or Algemene Ouderdomswet (AOW) in Dutch. You will only receive your basic pension when you reach AOW pension or retirement agewhich depends on your date of birth. 

How does it work?

As of 1 January 2013, the Dutch government has decided to gradually increase the retirement age. In the course of 2013 to 2019, the retirement age went from 65 to 66. In 2023, the Dutch government aims for a retirement age of 67 years. The retirement age grows with the average life expectancy in the Netherlands, the higher the life expectancy, the higher the retirement age. 

If you were born after 31 December 1960, your retirement age will be at least 67 but the exact age has not yet been fixed. The retirement age is announced five years in advance. 

AOW pension age for people born on a certain date

Year  AOW pension age  Applicable to people born 
2020 66 + 4 months After 31 August 1953 and before 1 September 1954
2021 66 + 4 months After 31 August 1954 and before 1 September 1955
2022 66 + 7 months After 31 August 1955 and before 1 June 1956
2023 66 + 10 months After 31 May 1956 and before 1 March 1957
2024 67 years After 28 February 1957 and before 1 January 1958
2025 67 years After 31 December 1957 and before 1 January 1959
2026 67 years After 31 December 1958 and before 1 January 1960 

Source: Rijksoverheid

Curious until which age you must work in the Netherlands? You can calculate it through this link.

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