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April 24, 2022
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Holiday allowance and vacation days in the Netherlands

It is May, the month when a large part of the Netherlands receives their holiday allowance and uses up their vacation days. Everyone who works in the Netherlands is entitled to this. How much holiday allowance you get and when it is paid out differs per collective labor agreement. Most people receive their holiday allowance in May or June, but there are also people whose holiday allowance is paid out every month. Curious about how holiday allowance and vacation days work in the Netherlands? TOSS explains all!

Holiday allowance in the Netherlands

In most cases, your holiday allowance is calculated over the gross annual salary, i.e. the gross salary you earned during the past year. In case of illness and pregnancy the accumulation of your holiday allowance continues. Payments such as profit sharing and year-end bonuses do not, in most cases, count towards the calculation of your holiday allowance.

Calculating holiday allowance

The amount of holiday allowance you get is 8% of your gross annual salary. Suppose your gross annual salary is EUR 36,500.00 then you do the following:

EUR 36,500.00 x 8% = EUR 2,920.00

Your (gross) holiday allowance is then EUR 2,920.00. This amount is paid to you on top of your normal salary.

Vacation days in the Netherlands

There are two different types of vacation days in the Netherlands, statutory and above-statutory vacation days.

Statutory vacation days

Everyone who works in the Netherlands is entitled to vacation days, which are called statutory vacation days. When using your vacation days, your employer must continue to pay you.

Calculating vacation days

You are entitled to at least 4 times the number of hours you work per week. Do you work 40 hours a week? Then do the following:

40 hours x 4 = 160 hours

This means that you are entitled to at least 160 hours of vacation. If you work 8 hours a day, this makes 20 days in total.

Above-statutory vacation days

If you have more vacation days than the statutory number, then you speak of ‘above-statutory’ vacation days. This may be determined by the prevailing collective labor agreement or your employer may routinely offer more than the statutory minimum.

In the Netherlands, it is common for someone to be entitled to 24 or 25 days on a full-time basis. Unlike statutory vacation days, you do not have to use these within one and a half years. Many people save up the vacation days in excess of the statutory minimum.

Paying out above-statutory vacation days

With some employers it is possible to have your above-statutory vacation days paid out to you. Your employment contract will tell you whether this is possible through your employer.

Now you know what the situation is with holiday allowance and vacation days in the Netherlands. Do you still have questions about this subject? Please contact us!



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