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TOSS in Holland

Recruitment for expats

Is it your goal to start working in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant? Or are you already in the Netherlands and you would like to change employers? Through our extended network of partner companies and clients, we help candidates connect with the perfect company and ultimately support them through the entire hiring and relocation process.

Our global recruitment service is ideal, because:

  • We have an extended network of partners and clients;
  • Our Talent Acquisition Consultants will match you with an employer that fits you best;
  • No match, no charge.

Ready for your next adventure in the Netherlands?

Is it your goal to start working in the Netherlands? Or are you looking to change employer? Start your orientation here.

    Jobs for expats in the Netherlands

    There are many job opportunities available for expats in the Netherlands. Some popular industries for expats in the Netherlands include finance, technology, and engineering. There are also many international companies with offices in the Netherlands that may be looking to hire international employees with specific skills and expertise.

    How does our recruitment service work?

    Here is how we will get you the perfect job in just 5 steps.

    1. You sign up via our TOSS Recruitment platform

    2. We share your resume in our network

    3. Companies and hirers that are interested will contact you directly

    4. When you have picked a company that suits you best, we will set up the legal documents

    5. Once everything is signed, you are ready to start at your new job! Or to plan the rest of your move to the Netherlands.

    Looking for a job?

    Share your resume with TOSS Recruitment and let’s get started in the search for your next job

    Current jobs

    Check to see if your dream job is available!

    Recruitment at TOSS in Holland

    We are experienced in this process of finding the right person(s) and matching these with the right employer(s)/hirer(s). Accessibility, ease, and our personal touch are maybe the most important aspects of our success rate. Our expat recruitment services can help you in every step of this process.

    The moment we have a resume or vacancy we share this anonymously in our network via email and WhatsApp. Since we also offer Payroll Service and have the IND sponsorship we can also arrange all employment and immigration obligations.

    Global recruitment

    Our global recruitment services and our very large international network in different fields of business allow us to help guide you to your (new) employment.

    With more than 20 years of experience in the field of global/international payroll, HR, recruiting and immigration service, TOSS Group developed an extended network of partners and clients.