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December 12, 2023
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Näpp: Elevating Childcare for International Families in the Netherlands

In a world that’s increasingly mobile and interconnected, international families face unique challenges, especially when it comes to finding reliable childcare in a new country. Enter Näpp, a revolutionary babysitting service that goes beyond the ordinary to ensure the well-being and happiness of international children living in the Netherlands and supporting new families, quickly finding the childcare support they need. We are about to explore how Näpp is making waves by offering personalised care that extends beyond the basics and how partnering with TOSS in Holland ensures a soft landing for their clients arriving with children.

Näpp’s Mission

Näpp’s mission is simple yet powerful: to foster the well-being of international children, making sure they feel supported and nurtured, regardless of their location. Recognizing the distinctive needs of international families, Näpp stands out by providing a safe, positive, and reassuring service for children.

Why has TOSS in Holland chosen to partner with Näpp?

Näpp stands out for several reasons. First and foremost, it understands the challenges faced by international families. Näppsitters, the caregivers associated with Näpp, are not just selected based on their childcare experience but also on their understanding of the lingual and cultural background of the children they care for. Each Näppsitter undergoes a one-on-one interview, holds childcare experience, and can provide references, ensuring the highest quality of care.

Services Tailored for Relocating Families

Babysitting Relocation Packages: Moving to the Netherlands? Näpp offers a customised relocation service, providing immediate support for your family with Näppsitters who speak your preferred language.  As a TOSS in Holland client, you are warmly introduced to a Näpp founder who will support you in finding reliable childcare.

  • Scheduled video intake with a Näpp Founder
  • Share your Family Needs, amount of children, location of the new neighbourhood, expectations and needs from your babysitter, language or culture requirements
  • Receive a pre-selection of Näppsitters to review
  • Design your desired package, can start from one visit per week, visit usually being 3 hours but can be longer
  • Confirm package and Näppsitter selection
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Your Näppsitter will be prepared for your arrival, knowing your neighbourhood, the closest playgrounds, and the most child-friendly restaurants. The aim is to provide you with a Home away from Home feeling, allowing you to focus on all the necessary processes to settle into your new home.

Reviews Speak Volumes

Real experiences from Näpp’s satisfied family’s provide insight into the exceptional service Näpp offers. David, a parent, praises the matching service’s superb quality and the peace of mind it brings. Reetta highlights the seamless experience that made their busy year much easier.

The partnership between TOSS in Holland and Näpp offers not only a babysitting service; it provides a community that understands the diverse needs of international families. By offering personalised care, relocation support, and business solutions, Näpp is truly revolutionising childcare support in the Netherlands. Join the Näpp community today and ensure your family a soft landing in your new neighbourhood. For further information or inquiries, email hello@napp.community or reach out directly to Näpp’s Co-Founder Melanie by phone or WhatsApp at +31 650741177. Happy international children start with Näpp!

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