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January 3, 2022
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Brand New Day pension scheme for 2022

Every year, pension providers change their pension scheme or elements. From 1 January 2022, there will also be changes to the Brand New Day pension scheme. Do you know what will change in 2022? Read more below.


The pension contribution

In 2022, the pension premium will increase to 15.8%. The pension premium is calculated based on the employee’s wages.


The franchise

In 2022, the franchise will be €14.802,00 on an annual basis. A franchise is the part of the salary over which employees do not accrue pension.

The calculation as follows: income -/- franchise = pension base.

Franchise average pay and contribution scheme

100/75 AOW with partner

Franchise average pay and contribution scheme

100/70 AOW with partner

Franchise final pay


100/66.28 AOW with partner

2021 2022 2021 2022 2021 2022
€14.544 €14.802 €15.583 €15.859 €16.458 €16.749

Maximum pensionable salary

In 2022, not only will the franchise change, but also the maximum pensionable salary. This will change from € 112.189 in 2021 to € 114.866 in 2022. If you earn more than €114.866 annually, you will no longer accrue pension with the salary above €114.866.


Will anything change for you if you are employed by TOSS In Holland?

If you have a payroll contract with TOSS In Holland, your gross to net calculation will not change in 2022. Your pension will be 100% paid by your hirer.

Do you have any questions left? Contact us!

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