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Changing employers in the Netherlands

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Although employees used to remain employed by the same employer for many years, this has changed. Employees nowadays switch employers faster for a higher wage, a new challenge or an exploration of the labor market.

It is relatively easy to change employers. After you have found a new job and have agreed on the conditions, you can easily quit your job and start a new job with a new employer after a notice period.

What do you have to take into account as a highly skilled migrant if you change employers?

If you are a highly skilled migrant living and working in the Netherlands, changing employers can be a complex process. You do not want to risk losing your visa or anything. It is important to understand the legal requirements and practical considerations involved in this transition. You will have to take the following things in account when changing employers.

Notice period

Chances are that you have agreed on a notice period when signing your employment contract. This is usually 1 calendar month. Keep this in mind when planning the start date with your new employer.

Sponsoring by the IND

Regarding the necessary permits for living and working in the Netherlands, it is necessary that your new employer, like your current employer, is a recognized sponsor with the IND. If you terminate your employment contract with your current employer and also agree to the conditions with the new employer, it is important that this is also reported to the IND.

What if my new employer does not have IND sponsorship?

Have you found a new job opportunity in the Netherlands, but your new employer is not a recognized IND sponsor? No worries, TOSS  has the solution for you: because TOSS  can arrange the recognized sponsor with the IND. You can still start your dream job that way.

Reporting to the IND

The termination of your employment must be reported to the IND by your current employer and your new employer must report to the IND on the first working day by means of the application for ‘change of employer’. In order to avoid gaps it is important that these dates follow each other. For this application you will be asked to submit all documents that you have previously submitted and your current and new employer must have the same file of these documents.

What happens if your employment ends without you having a new job?

It is possible that your employment is terminated by your employer and you wish to stay in the Netherlands, but you have not yet found a new job. In that case, the IND will give you the opportunity to find a new employer within 3 months. If this is the case, this will have no consequences for your stay in the Netherlands.

30% Facility

If you qualify for the 30% ruling, you can apply for this again via the new employer. This application can be made with the Tax Authorities. We at TOSS can tell you all about this tax advantage and how to apply.

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