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Healthcare in the Netherlands

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The Dutch healthcare system ranks first in the Euro Health Consumer Index of the Commonwealth Fund. This is a comparison of European health systems with regard to citizens’ satisfaction with waiting times, results and generosity. As Dutch people we are proud of it!

Introduction of the health care system

After World War II, a mandatory general health insurance was introduced for all workers. It was an accessible and affordable insurance with fairly extensive reimbursements. High-income people were able to take out a private, non-compulsory insurance. As a result, there was a difference in cheaper vs. expensive, better care. There were also long waiting lists for cheaper care.

The basic insurance

Since 2006, the health care system has been radically changed, when the health insurance law went into effect. A mandatory basic insurance was introduced for everyone regardless of age or medical background. This insurance covers the necessary medical care of, for example, the general practitioner, the hospital or the pharmacy.

The implementation of this law lies with the health insurers. Which costs are reimbursed and the rules that insurers must adhere to are determined annually by the government. If desired, the basic insurance could be extended with additional insurance as well as dental insurance.

How does the health insurance work?

You are free to choose a health insurer and a healthcare provider. The government’s responsibility is to ensure that the quality of care and the accessibility of a doctor or hospital are good and that you do not pay too much.

Medical services should not be requested directly from a hospital, except for emergency care. Everyone is registered with a general practitioner of their choice, you can choose one in your neighbourhood. Your general practitioner will help you decide what type of care you need and will refer you to the relevant specialist. In general, there are no costs for doctor visits.

How is the health care system financed?

Healthcare in the Netherlands must be accessible to everyone. Regardless of whether you are young or old, male or female, sick or healthy. To achieve this, everyone living in the Netherlands contributes to the costs of health care.

Part of the care is paid for by the government: For example, general medical care for children under 18 is free!

Everyone pays a premium per month or per year for the health insurance. If your income is too low to be able to pay this, you can get a contribution from the government. An annual deductible applies. This means that you have to pay part of the costs yourself if you need medical care. The deductible is: EUR 385.00 per year.

Healthcare for all

Since the Dutch health care system is accessible to everyone who lives and/or works in the Netherlands, this also applies to expats. Even if you have health insurance in your home country. As someone who lives and works in the Netherlands, you must opt ​​for one of the mandatory insurance policies. There are comparison websites, but they are usually in Dutch. It can be difficult for you to know which insurance is best for you and what you need to do to buy the right coverage.

Besides all other immigration services we provide, as The One Stop Shop in Holland, TOSS can help you choose the health insurance policy that best suits you (and your family).

What clients say

Arqam Lodhi – Design & development

I recently moved to the Netherlands and my employer secured the services of TOSS to manage the transition. We worked with Pim at TOSS closely during the settlement period. From applying for BSN to managing the housing search to putting in the application for 30%, Pim managed this process in a meticulously organized and efficient manner. The communication was always very clear and timely. He was really helpful, to an extent that he also helped us move (quite literally helping us transport suitcases) as well as facilitated our engagement with the real estate agents. The 30% ruling application was managed seamlessly with regular updates. I’d highly recommend TOSS‘ services if you are new to the Netherlands and need services and support to settle in. Thanks to Pim for making it super easy for us 🙂

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