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Are you looking to rent a home or apartment in the Netherlands? We at TOSS believe 100% in The One Stop Shop idea. So if you have no clue where to start, TOSS is here to help you out!

There are many different rental agencies on the market and they demand high fees. The housing market can be a madhouse, so you must know where to look and be able to respond quickly.

Why ask TOSS for help?

  • The current housing market is very competitive and for you the language, the culture and the country are new. It is nice for you to have one contact who can act on your behalf.
  • We have several real estate agencies in our network and also some apartments ready to be rented or houses to be bought.
  • Because of our network we know in advance that a place is available for rent or purchase before anything is online.
  • Above all, we can arrange everything for you during the time that you are still outside the Netherlands while you are waiting to get all necessary papers.
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Phases of the housing process

  1. We schedule a (video) call with you to make an inventory of your desire and needs;
  2. We will make a selection of homes that we think qualify and can meet your wishes;
  3. We schedule a (video) call to discuss the selection with you;
  4. If you make a choice, we will contact the owner and schedule a visit to the house/apartment. We can show you the house/apartment during the visit by video call or we can take photos for you;
  5. If you want to live there we will support you and the owner with all the necessary documents and agreements.

We continue to work on your behalf even after all is signed. We can to assist you with

  • registering with the municipality;
  • arranging TV, internet and telephone subscription(s);
  • registering gas, water and electricity.

We can also help you with (rental) furnishing and renovating your home, opening a Dutch bank account and enrolling your children in school (if required).

Type of place to stay



This is always an available option and probably the best option on short notice. For longer periods this will be expensive. In some situations, a hotel is the best option, as all will be done for you: breakfast, dinner, cleaning the rooms and you do not have to buy any furniture.


Serviced apartment

If you are in Holland for the first time and settling in, you will most likely be waiting on your belongings from your home country and searching for a permanent residence, but as of yet have no furnishings for a home or apartment. You could consider renting a fully serviced apartment. This comes fully ready/furnished for you to move in.
We work closely with associates in e.g. Amsterdam that will be able to give you an excellent rate and have many apartment options for you to choose from in this beautiful city.



Most popular option for short term, approximately 12 months or longer. The apartment type can be rented as a 2 to 5 room space. You are responsible for your own furniture and the interior decor which could include flooring and painting of the walls. We can also assist you in making it move-in ready.



This is a variant on the apartment type but then all in 1 room. Most of these types of apartments are rented by students. They are a cheap solution but they also have less space.



If you decide to live in the Netherlands with your family, a house would be a nice solution. You have a lot more privacy and space. But renting a house is more expensive most of the time.

Location in the Netherlands

It goes without saying that if you rent or buy something in the big cities the costs are higher. For example Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam are more expensive than places like Zwolle or Almere. In general, Amsterdam is the most expensive city to live in. But if a big city is the location you would like to live close to, the smaller places around the big city might be very interesting as well. For example around Amsterdam you have Amstelveen and Hoofddorp and for The Hague you have Voorburg and Rijswijk.

As you can see in this picture the red area is the most crowded area in the Netherlands. In other words also the most popular area to live in. But this also means that the rate per square meter is also the highest. This is not only for rentals.

Rental agencies in the Netherlands

There are many rental agencies and sometimes a place to stay is only available for a certain number of days. So you need to be very quick and efficient.

Besides that, many agencies charge you without any real solution. So be careful with that.

Buying a place

With regards to apartments and housing, you have the option to rent these places but it is also an option to purchase them. If you are thinking about buying a home or apartment, feel free to contact us. Not only can we assist you in obtaining a mortgage, we can also introduce you to a mortgage specialist who will act in your best interest to get you the best quality home at the best price point.

If you already know all your options and you are ready to buy a house/apartment click on our ‘buy a house’ page.

Short Stay

It could be that you would like to see more about the Netherlands and different places to live by yourself. That sounds very logical and we are happy to assist you in this respect.

The short stay apartments could also be an option when you have arrived in the Netherlands so you can get oriented on a certain type of home or area for some days/weeks/months. During that short stay, you can search for a permanent stay by yourself or together with TOSS.

One thing which is important to also know is that also on a short stay you need to have a home address to be able to register yourself in the Netherlands.

The costs for a short stay are mostly higher than the permanent stay. But this depends on what kind of house/apartment you have chosen.

TOSS has several deals with short stay providers so we could have a nice option for you.

What clients say

Massimo Terzi
“As a young expat in the Netherlands, my experience with TOSS has been amazing! They gave me support in every step: from the bureaucracy to the BSN appointment, and even the accommodation search. My reference even went at multiple apartment viewings on my behalf!”


What can TOSS do for you?

Because this market is so fast and for you the language, the culture and the country are new it is nice to have one contact who can act on your behalf.

We at TOSS are very experienced in this market and have done a lot of successful deals in the past. Because the network is already with us most of the time we know way earlier that a place is available for rent or buying before anything is online or made public.

If you are ready to take steps to move forward and let TOSS work for you to find the perfect place to call home, we require some additional information.

Please fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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