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IBAN in the Netherlands

BSN in the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands as an expat? You will need to open a Dutch bank account. This is called or referred to as IBAN – it is one of the most crucial first steps you will need to take.

Not only will you need your IBAN to receive your salary at the end of the month if you are employed here but you will also need it to pay your bills, the rent or mortgage and your groceries…to name a few.

TOSS is here to assist you with obtaining your Dutch IBAN once you have arrived in the Netherlands.


What is an IBAN?

This is an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and is used to transfer funds out of and within the country.

The number itself has a maximum of 34 characters, the IBAN has the following series of figures and letters:

  • Landcode > 2 characters;
  • 2 check figures;
  • The bank code;
  • Your account number


Why obtain a Dutch bank account?

If you have a foreign bank account and your employer transfers your salary from a Dutch account it will take longer. If another currency applies in the country in which you have the IBAN some bank and currency costs will pop up. To avoid this, TOSS advises you to get a Dutch IBAN.


How to choose the right bank for you in the Netherlands?

It is up to you. Maybe a friend or your employer recommended one to you already, but it is your voluntary choice to choose which bank you register with.


The top 3 largest English banks in the Netherlands are:

  • ING;
  • Rabobank;
  • ABN Amro.

TOSS advises you that if you choose a bank please check if all the documents are in English and if the portal they have for online banking also is translated to English.

Also some banks charge more than others. Feel free to ask this during your IBAN registration.


Who needs your IBAN?

First, your employer needs the IBAN so they can transfer your salary. This is very important. Maybe the rental agency for your apartment and for example the Health Insurance needs it.

Please be careful when giving your IBAN to anyone, it is your number and it is the location of your income, so keep it safe!

Moving to the Netherlands can be an exciting adventure, but also quite challenging because of the legal documents you will need. If you will soon be moving to the Netherlands, we recommend for you to apply for a BSN number. This unique identification number is required for things such as taking out health care and opening a Dutch bank account (IBAN). But what exactly is a BSN, what are the benefits of having it and how do you get one? Read on to find out.


Contact TOSS;

We will apply for your Visa and can also include our BSN service at the same time. We can discuss with you what needs to be mentioned in the Visa application;

After you arrive in the Netherlands, we will go with you to the Expat Centre or Town Hall and collect your BSN number.

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