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Are you changing jobs? Or perhaps moving from another EU country to the Netherlands? Or you are moving from outside the EU and your employer is not able to offer you a direct contract? TOSS Payroll Services could be the solution for your employment in the Netherlands.

TOSS offers solutions for a variety of situations that employers and employees may find themselves in. With a team of highly educated and dedicated consultants we make sure all the legal steps regarding your employment are carried out in a fast, easy, and correct way. If your employer is not registered in the Netherlands, they cannot hire you directly, or they cannot offer you the needed IND sponsorship, then TOSS Payroll Services may be the solution for you. Whether your hiring company doesn’t meet the government requirements for your direct hire, or they choose the route of Payroll Services for another reason, TOSS is here to help.

Payroll Services are vitally important because they guarantee you get paid for your hard work! This article outlines some of the ways that Payroll Services are applicable and necessary. Even if your exact situation isn’t mentioned, rest assured that our team can help find a solution for you!

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How do Payroll Services work?

A Payroll company hires you themselves, taking on the responsibility of fulfilling the terms and conditions of the employment agreement to you directly. The Payroll company then comes to an agreement with an employer in need of your services, and you go to work to meet those needs. The Payroll company charges the end hirer a fixed amount for this service. Hereby you would be officially employed by TOSS, and TOSS would administer your salary at the end of the month, but you perform the work duties for the company soliciting your services.

TOSS has all the right certification to be your Payroll company. There are situations in which your employer may not be registered in the Netherlands or may not have sponsorship status through the IND yet, which would be one instance in which TOSS could help. There are many other situations in which it would be beneficial to an employer or to you to use the services of a Payroll company such as TOSS.

Employee Benefits

All benefits you would receive should you be directly hired by the company who wants your services would still be yours, unless the alternative is better. Employees who are contracted by Payroll Services fall under the umbrella of the NBBU Collective Labor Agreement. The government has determined that whichever Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) is more beneficial to you, that one will take precedence. If the benefits are greater with your hirer directly, then TOSS will follow those guidelines, but if the NBBU benefits are more advantageous, those would be the applicable ones in your case. It is always a win-win for you!

IND Sponsorship

TOSS has IND Sponsorship, meaning that we can gainfully employ you in the Netherlands. For example, if you are a highly skilled migrant you will need a sponsor through the IND in order to live and work in the Netherlands. Not all employers are able to sponsor migrant workers as they are not registered or qualified with the IND. TOSS is, however, and we can apply for your residence, work permit, and put you on our payroll.

There are certain documents that must be collected before your employment starts and they must be kept on record. These are some of the requirements from the IND in order to maintain sponsorship. Another requirement is a minimum salary, determined by the IND. Regardless of what your (final) employer may want to pay you, there is a minimum salary established that you are guaranteed.

30% Ruling Application

If you are working in the Netherlands and were previously living in another country, you could be eligible for the 30% Ruling, which allows up to 30% of your salary to be administered to you tax-free. This can save you a significant amount of money! Since TOSS would be your official employer, we are also responsible for processing your 30% Ruling and the applicable tax withholdings. Oftentimes we also help you with the application for the Ruling. Of course, there are necessary forms and documents to prove your eligibility. As soon as we have received a letter from the Dutch Tax Authorities granting you the 30% Ruling you will begin to see the savings on your payslip.

Payment of Salary

TOSS employees receive their salaries on the 25th of the month. If the 25th falls on a weekend or a public holiday, then it will be paid the day before. We know that your payslip may be difficult to understand, so feel free to read our article about this or to contact us for further information. We are available to explain!

TOSS as your Employer

The moment you are taken onto our payroll, we are responsible for you legally, and in many other ways. Things that are normally done by your employer would be done by us, such as:

  • Submitting your information to the Tax Authorities;
  • Setting up your employment agreement (contract);
  • Paying your net salary to you;
  • Sending your payslip by email or via our digital portal;
  • Submitting disability and sick claims;
  • Sick pay according to contract terms;
  • Tax withholdings for necessary insurances.

Stay in touch

Since you are our employee, even though you don’t work in our office, we want to stay in contact with you. You can always reach us, whether by video call, phone call, WhatsApp, or stopping by the office. At the end of the day your employment agreement is with us, and we want to ensure everything is going well. We care about our employees!

What clients say

Franco García Parigi – IT Support Engineer
TOSS made the difficulties and hard labors of immigrating to The Netherlands easy. They were on every step of the way giving needed documentations with legal and work related solutions as well. They also provided, with their housing network, a suitable place to live according to all my needs and expectations. Astonishing work overall, fully recommended.


About TOSS

As The One Stop Shop, TOSS offers a wide range of services for expats and / or their employers in the field of living and working in the Netherlands with the aim of making every related process as smooth and effective as possible.

We have over 20 years of experience and we have carefully built up an extensive global network of specialists to serve you. All our team members are specialized and educated with all needed payroll certificates and our services meet the (inter)national standards.


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