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April 14, 2022
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9 Useful apps for your stay in the Netherlands

Which apps should you have if you are staying in the Netherlands? There are plenty! Apps that help you travel from A to B, that help you find a second-hand bike or that make sure you are always aware of the downpours in the Netherlands (and there are plenty of those). TOSS has listed 9 handy apps for you, that will make your stay in the Netherlands a lot easier!

1. DigiD app

If you’ve been following TOSS for a while, you know how highly we recommend a DigiD. Almost all residents of the Netherlands have a DigiD. This is an online proof of identity that allows the Dutch government to verify someone’s identity on the internet. For example, you need a DigiD if you want to file your tax return online or if you want to apply for a subsidy online. Curious about why you should get a DigiD and how you can apply for one? Read more here.

2. Marktplaats app

Are you looking for a second-hand television? Or maybe you’re looking for a cheap bike to feel like a local? Marktplaats is the go-to place to buy and sell used items. You can buy anything from tea towels to cars. It’s also very convenient in that you can filter the offerings by location. This allows you to see, for example, which bikes are being sold near you, so you can pick them up and use them the same day.

Please be aware. There are scammers out there on these types of second-hand apps. Always use the ‘Immediate Crossing Service’ to avoid this and never click on Tikkie or IBAN links if a seller sends them to you.

3. 9292 app

Public transportation is organized well in the Netherlands, but it can be quite overwhelming and complicated if you try to figure it out on your own. For example, you can stand on the platform and see four different trains all going past your destination. Therefore, download the 9292 app so you always know the most current and fastest route to your destination. The 9292 app also indicates delays and calculates the quickest route if you want to take into account a stopover.

4. Buienradar app

Newsflash: the weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable. Especially in the middle seasons, the weather is unpredictable. In one week time you can go from a winter coat to shorts and flip-flops. What you also don’t want is to leave your house unprepared, only to arrive somewhere completely drenched. So always be prepared with the Buienradar app. The app predicts the weather for the next 14 days and shows every day whether there will be rain showers in your area. That way you are always prepared for the weather.

5. Tikkie app

You are probably familiar with the expression “going Dutch,” and yes, this is indeed how things are done in the Netherlands. Now it is easier than ever. After you pay your bill you just send a Tikkie. Tikkie is an app that allows you to send payment requests. All you have to do is link your IBAN to the app. Then you just have to enter the amount and send the Tikkie to the person concerned. The money paid is immediately deposited into your account. If someone has not paid your Tikkie after a certain time, you will also receive a notification.

6. Thuisbezorgd app

Ah, you’ve just seen on Buienradar that it’s going to keep raining for the rest of the afternoon, so of course you don’t feel like going outside to do your shopping. Luckily, you can order food with Thuisbezorgd. Thuisbezorgd literally means ‘delivered home’ and that is the service the app offers. You choose what you want to eat through the app, pay and not much later a delivery driver is at the door. You can pay on the app with IBAN, credit card and PayPal, but also in cash to the deliverer. Simple and fast.

7. Vinted app

Shopping without spending a lot of money: it’s possible. Vinted is an app where you buy second-hand clothing, shoes and accessories. In the app you can filter by color, size, price, brand and even the condition of the items (new, unworn, worn…). Shipping never costs that much either, even if it’s from a country outside the Netherlands.

Do you have items that you don’t wear anymore, but are in a good condition? Put them on Vinted. On Vinted you can also sell clothes yourself. You don’t have to worry about delivery costs, these are paid by the person who buys your clothes. Vinted then creates a shipping label, which you only have to print and stick on the package.

8. Snappcar app

Are you someone who doesn’t need a car every day, but likes to use one every now and then? Snappcar is an app where you rent cars. You can choose from many different cars that you can rent for a day or for a weekend. You have options from city cars to wedding cars. In addition, you and the car are all-risk insured and you receive 27/4 roadside assistance from the ANWB.

9. Duolingo app

In the Netherlands, a large part of the population speaks English as a second language. So, in theory, you don’t need to be fluent in Dutch to be able to work and live here. Nevertheless, it is nice to know a few words and phrases by heart. Duolingo is a simple app that helps you learn the (Dutch) language for free and in a playful manner. Duolingo has short, daily lessons that allow you to earn points and unlock new levels. A fun way to learn real communication skills!

These were the 9 useful apps for your stay in the Netherlands. Is there an app we missed? Let us know!



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