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TOSS in Holland
April 21, 2022
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Moving to the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant

Awesome! You have amazing skills and now you have decided to use them to go after your dream job in The Netherlands. This makes you a prime candidate for TOSS to work with and we are here to assist you through each step to building your life here.

There are a lot of things that need to be arranged when you’re moving to The Netherlands. We want to make sure your focus can be on your job because we know your time is valuable.

TOSS can arrange a recognized sponsor with the IND, which will become your legal employer. By signing an employment agreement with them, you can be hired directly.

Work and Residence Permit

As a highly skilled migrant, also called ‘knowledge migrant’, you will be able to obtain a work and residence permit in one.

The moment your employment agreement is signed and you have submitted all necessary documents to your employer they can apply through the online portal with the IND. The IND states that after 6-7 weeks you could expect the entrance visa will be ready to be picked up.

This visa can only be applied for by an employer with the IND sponsorship. It means that they are already audited and recognized by the IND, which speeds up the application process.

IND Recognized Sponsorship

It could be that you have found a vacancy that fits you well but it turns out that the employer is not on the recognized sponsor list of the IND.

No worries, TOSS can help you out.

As a recognized sponsor with the IND, TOSS can become your legal employer. By signing an employment agreement with us, we can hire you directly with our payroll services. Thereafter we can assign you to your employer.

Granted Visa

If your employment agreement is signed and the visa is granted you can travel to The Netherlands and start working in The Netherlands!

Over the years we have done hundreds of applications with a 100% track record of approvals by the IND. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on TOSS’ immigration services.

30% Ruling

If you come to work in The Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant you are entitled to an income that is above the standard set by the government. In that case you may be eligible for the 30% Ruling. This means that your employer may provide you with 30% of your gross salary untaxed, including reimbursements. This untaxed portion of your salary helps with the extra costs for a temporary stay outside your country of origin. You are eligible if you have specific expertise that is not available or is scarce in the Dutch labor market and if you meet a few other conditions.

TOSS and the Highly Skilled Migrant

During the visa application, but also when you have arrived in the Netherlands, we still have a duty of care and will assist you in finding a place to stay. We can set you up and get you organized with all other mandatory and applications, such as:

  • Social Security Number (‘BSN’);
  • Bank Account Number (IBAN);
  • Health Insurance;
  • 30% Ruling.

Contact us and find out how TOSS can be of service to you.

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